Photo of the Week: Family Events: Wedding Photography

Wedding and family event photography

Being able to capture one of the happiest days of someone‚Äôs life is always a pleasure. Taken in London, this picture perfectly encapsulates the privilege of being invited into special events and parties such as this and being part of the excitement. 

The location profiled here frames the bride beautifully creating an almost regal element to her image. 

Although being an event photographer has its unique challengers in the modern day, with the introduction of a camera phone at every turn, I still believe that photographs such as this capture something truly special. The benefits of high quality images of your event are not to be doubted. This image demonstrates the beauty that a professional camera can capture. 

I want to help capture each special moment of your event and take great care to give you the images that you need to make sure it is never forgotten.

wedding photography