Photo of the Week: The Story Behind the Picture:

sports photography

Rugby Union Photography

I am passionate about sports photography and love creating images that make people fall in love with the sport itself and go Wow.

I am sure that you will find this image exceptional.

Here is a shot I took at a Rugby Union game with Saracens’ Alex Goode jumping to catch the ball.

The image was taken using a fast shutter speed to capture the action without too much blur and a large aperture to highlight him whilst slightly blurring out the background.

This was entered for a local was critiqued for the players in the foreground. So I carefully set about removing the players and this is the result. These effects were the result of Photoshop and Lightroom. Taken with a Nikon camera and lens.

This is how local clubs like the Rugby Union can benefit from my sports photography knowledge and enthusiasm.

Do you have a match you would like to capture on camera? Get in touch below to find out how we can work together.